COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS has spun the world in different directions and priorities in just a matter of few months, ever since its spread started from China. It has certainly been a whirlwind time for people across the world. This blog intends to cover the subject of protection of yourself and your family during the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS period, using the Hand Sanitizer. It is important to not to take this easy and raise the risk for you and people around you.

Sanitron hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers are an important weapon in your fight against the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS. Read below and let us stop the virus. Hand Sanitizers could save more then a life.

1. “MY HANDS ARE CLEAN” MYTH - Needless to say, but better said, germs are not visible to the human eye. So the feeling that my hands cannot have the dreaded corona virus or other harmful germs is far from truth. On a daily basis an average human hand is exposed to thousands of germs, some that may even have travelled continents. For example, the currency notes you would have held could have harmful germs. So, a regular cleansing is of outmost importance now. Even if you clean your hands often, note that defective hand cleansing also result in the hand remaining contaminated.

sanitron hand sanitizer

2. MAKE USAGE OF HAND SANITIZERS A HABIT - This needs to be done immediately. It is best to make frequent hand cleansing a habit, so the chances of you getting infected is less. All it takes is to incorporate a simple habit as part of your lifestyle and stay protected, and maintain hygiene.

sanitron hand sanitizer

3. ARE LIQUID SANITIZERS BETTER OR GEL-BASED? - Both hand sanitizers work well, as long as the alcohol percentage of the hand sanitiser is above 60%. However many doctors and experts claim liquid is better, likewise some may claim gel is. The result lies in the alcohol content, frequency of usage and how you apply the sanitizer.

4. CHOOSE AN EFFECTIVE HAND SANITIZER - Many experts recommend Hand Sanitizers with more than 60% Alcohol Content for it to be effective against most germs. Hand sanitizer also works well against viruses. The Covid-19 virus has lipid envelopes that are susceptible to sanitisers with a higher percentage of alcohol. There are many hand Sanitizer online, you should go through the composition of the Sanitizer before buying. Consumers must also remember that the effectiveness of a sanitizer also depends on its correct usage.


5. HOW TO USE: Given below are illustrated representations from the WHO (World Health Organisation) for using the hand sanitizer.

(Image representation and source: WHO)

sanitron hand sanitizer