Cleanliness is the real deal in 2021!

We’ve stepped into 2021 leaving the sinking ship that was 2020 behind, looking for some kind of normalcy in our world reined by a global pandemic! Many of us have returned to our outdoorsy lifestyles with masks as an add-on accessory. But have we forgotten that the virus is still very much present in our surroundings? Or are we ignoring the fact for our own convenience, with a blatant over confidence that “it’s never going to be one of us”.

No reason or logic matters in a scenario like this. All that matters are the measures we can take to prevent another outbreak on an individual level or a global level! Now that we’re all socializing again, it is extremely important for us to understand the dire necessity of cleanliness. Ourselves and our surroundings have to be clean and sanitized meticulously and methodically to keep us and our families safe from any health risk.

We all know this already but so many of us tend to forget the significance of these little practices!

  • Start by keeping yourself clean. Sanitize your hands regularly, especially when outdoors. Refrain from touching your face if your hands aren’t sanitized. Practice safe, clean and minimal human contact.  
  • When you’re out, keep away from touching objects that are public property, it could be a bus railing or an unclean table at a restaurant. (Yes, we know you got to eat out sometimes due to many reasons regardless of the risk and it can’t really be helped)
  • If there are people within a 5-6 feet radius, DO NOT remove your mask.
  • Remember kindergarten, when we all used have a handkerchief pinned to our uniform or placed in our pockets? It’s time to revive that habit! Carry a tissue or a handkerchief with you all the time, wherever you go. Remember to dispose of the used ones in a proper dustbin!
  • Whenever you go out, make it a mandate that the first stop at your home once you return should be  a washroom or washbasin. Don’t carry the Covid19 virus or any other virus or even dirt into your living space!
  • We’re all allowed to go out, yes. But remember that elderly people are at a high health risk, so always make sure your parents and grandparents have taken all the mandatory precautions if they are going out. Try to get them to stay home as much as possible. This is also why youngsters should also be very careful when they head out as their families could be put at risk of the virus.


Always remember: Prevention  is better than cure and we’ve suffered through 2020 enough. Let’s all make sure we create a surrounding that is clean and disease free for ourselves and everyone else!

Keep Clean! Stay Safe!