Become more productive by working on your mind!

When was the last time you thought tomorrow was going to be ‘the day’ to start off a fitness routine. Not too far in the past, is a likely answer. Resolutions would not be broken, if it had good backing from the mind too.
Well, it is not that you were short of enthusiasm when you thought about it. Your intent was great when you thought about it. But your mind got the better of you when the clock struck 6am.
Every body and mind is different and is likely to have different motivations to achieve something. Here we put down some techniques that could help you, or at least set you thinking. It is absolutely necessary to align your own mind, wherever you set out on a mission.
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Focus on the little things
Live life one step at a time, even though you have a vision of what you would like to achieve in the long run. Every morning as you get up, do not overwhelm yourself with thoughts of the final goal you would like to achieve. Just focus on the first steps. Little things take less of your will-power, and mind-barriers to do those things are minimal. And as you put work and complete them, you are likely to experience a surge of confidence, because of the small accomplishment. Keep on doing the small things first, and in no time you will start successfully finishing the bigger tasks, better. Remember, every day is a brand new day. Start changing your life one-step at a time.
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The Habit Momentum
Great habits become unstoppable over a period of time. Habits need to be nurtured and cared for until it becomes a juggernaut. It is almost like a seed that you have sown in your head which need to be watered, manured, until its roots are deep and entrenched and becomes difficult to shake off. Unfortunately, bad habits also work the same way. If you are not able to shake off old habits in a day, that is fine. Keep working on it and you will surely succeed.
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Practice Awareness
Every human mind possesses great power. It can be a great friend or the worst enemy. It can take up ideas from the environment and make its own. The one thing that can use to rein the mind is awareness. Being aware about what you are doing every moment, returns the power of your mind, back to you. Mind in auto-mode is reactionary and living by the circumstances of your environment. 

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Visualisation and Feeling
Visuals are the most potent way to reach the inner most cellars of your mind. People have been using this technique to unlock human potential for millennia. This is a great technique to successfully set out to achieve what you want. Make a mental rehearsal visually of what you want to achieve. How would you feel once you have achieved it. Does it feel great? Set short term goals and visualise you achieving them. You will start to notice small changes in your life once you fix up and start moving in the direction you visualised.
These are some potent ways to bring about positive change in your life. You may want to consider using these techniques to explore possibilities. Invest time in ‘Managing your mind’ and you stand a better chance in managing the circumstances life throws at you.