7 steps to keep your room clean quickly and easily!

“Clean your room!” is a phrase that we’ve all heard different versions of with different levels of threats from family, friends and sometimes even ourselves.

Though it is all fun and games to joke about it, an untidy room is the hub for bacteria and all kinds of insects! If that doesn’t sound creepy, a messy room results in dust accumulation which leads to short and long-term breathing problems!

Now that we’ve instilled awareness in you, we also realise that some of you might consider cleaning your room a tiresome task. So why don’t we just go through a few steps that help you clean your room quickly and efficiently WITHIN AN HOUR!

Step 1. Put some upbeat music on and you may end up grooving through the whole task!

Step 2. Dust away the dust: The first and foremost thing to do in order to have a clean room is by keeping it dust free. If you’ve things lying around on the floor and other flat surfaces, put them away for the time being and use a broom or a duster to clean the dust. Even a vacuum cleaner can be used as per your convenience. Beware of the sneaky spider webs! This could take 10-15 minutes depending upon how big or dirty the room is. Always wear a mask or cover your face while dusting.

Step 3. Segregate: Once your room is dust-free, segregate the unwanted litter strewn across your room, sometimes hidden beneath things you need. Litter include stray papers, cartons, plastic cans, bottles, shopping bags etc. Segregate them into a pile of reusable and non-reusable items. While each piece of trash might seem like it could be of some use, do not hoard them in your room. Keep only the necessary reusable items which are of some real use. Always try to reuse plastic bottles or cartons. Throw all non-recyclable and non-reusable things into the trash can. This being the major task could take up to 20 minutes.

Step 4. Re-arrange: Now that the major part of cleaning is over, re-arrange your room back to its previous state! KIDDING! Re-arrange your room in a way that it looks and feels well-organised. Fold your clothes and put them back in the closet, re-arrange your bed, dressing table and study table according to your needs and convenience. Put necessary things at accessible places so that you don’t misplace or lose them. Make sure nothing is left astray on the floor. Folding and putting things back could take another 20 minutes.

Step 5: Re-check: This is one of the simplest steps. All you’ve to do is recheck for any more dust and litter. It is a good idea to sweep or vacuum the floor one last time. This will hardly take you 5 minutes as most of your room is already clean and tidy!

Step 6: Schedule and maintain: Now that you’ve cleaned your room in approximately an hour or so, it’s time for you to maintain the same cleanliness and hygiene. Clean the dust in your room on a daily basis and keep it litter-free. Set an hour aside every week to repeat the same steps so that your room never looks like a battleground again!

Step 7. Expand: Now that you’ve taken care of your room, expand the vision of your inner clean freak towards your entire house.


Always remember – Keeping your surroundings, body and mind clean in good for your life and the lives of others around you! It’s always a good idea to start from your own room!

P.S. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize yourself after the whole cleaning process!